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After School Programs

There will be many options for after school activities at the Gibbs. Students will also be able to enter the building early if they have an AM/PM card.



Arlington After-School Program at Gibbs

There will be a program for students after school that is similar to the current Ottoson program.  Students will have time to work together on projects, hang out together, and a quiet place to work on homework

ACE Kids (Arlington Community Education)

ACE Kids classes run for 8-week fall, winter and spring terms and are held immediately after school for 60-90 minutes. Classes include Programming, Babysitting Certification, Art, STEM Club, Chess, Public Speaking, Dungeons & Dragons, LARP, plus the Gibb's Running Club.

After School Orchestra Group

This group will be an after school orchestra program.

After School Band Ensemble

This will be an after school band ensemble. 

After School Chorus

This will be an after school singing group open to all students.

AM Program

During the AM program we will have both the Media Center and the Gym open for kids who wish to either do school work or exert some energy before the school day starts.  There is a fee per trimester for this program.

PM Program

Various teachers will offer programs in the afternoon that students can access if they have an AM/PM card.  The options will be available at the beginning of each trimester.

Arlington Recreation After School Program

Arlington Rec after school will be sharing space with us at Gibbs.  This is a K-5 program made up of about 65 children.  They will have designated spaces in the building.