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Student Schedule

A typical day at the Gibbs will have consistency.  We will have a six day cycle and the days will be named A-F. 


Each day students will have: 

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Four days per the six day cycle students will have:

  • Advisory: Advisory will be held at the beginning of each four designated days

Every other day students will have:

  • World Language (all year, you can see this in block two below)
  • Art/Digital Media Literacy/Technology (by trimester, you can see this in block two below)
  • Physical Education/Family And Consumer Science (P.E. twice and FACS once, you can
    see this in block 5 below)

Twice per six day cycle:

  • Band, Chorus or Orchestra (elective)
  • Project Block
  • Literature Block (students who do not take band, chorus or orchestra will have the
    opportunity to be in this class)

Once per six days students will have:

  • Music (all year)


The schedule below gives you a general ideas of what is stated above.  You will notice that two
of the days are longer by one block.  These are the days where we will have band/chorus/orchestra
and project block.  You will also notice that on those days, sixth graders will not have Advisory in
order to preserve time in content area classes.